What Did We Do On Earth Day?

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Lucky for us, Earth Day was on a Saturday this year! Most KEPHARTians took advantage of this and got outside to enjoy some fresh air.

Andrea B

We celebrated Earth Day by hanging outside, doing some yardwork, and enjoying the weather with our puppies, while our new pup played with the neighbor pup through the fence. We also carpooled (4 + a toddler) to a brewery for a few drinks.



I officially moved on Earth Day…by now having only one abode, my electrical, water, and gas consumption has just gone down drastically!  Mostly electricity since I no longer have items plugged in both places. And this is how I imagined we looked when we put the mattress on top of the car and got it to the new place (also saving auto gas consumption by not renting a truck, driving to pick up said truck, then going to apartment to pick up mattress, go to new place, then driving to drop off truck, and finally driving back home.



I spent Earth Day enjoying a concert with Michael Franti at the base of Winter Park. It was a free show promoting the day.





For Earth Day 2017, we took a drive out to Guanella Pass for a picnic.





My husband and I celebrated Earth Day this year by taking the dogs for a nice hike outside of Golden, tromping across streams and climbing over boulders. We continued on to downtown Golden to walk along the river and play in the water a bit.




Sarah K 

We gave up our car for Earth Day and spent the weekend in Florida. We committed to an alternate method of transportation: Golf Cart, which gets 200+ miles on a 5 gallon tank.



Sarah Key

Saturday my husband and I enjoyed the great outdoors of Savannah and Tybee Island. We explored Fort Pulaski and the area around their lighthouse.  We ate at The Crab Shack on Tybee Island that is literally built into nature. They saved a lot of trees when building this restaurant! We also WALKED around Savannah to check out all the beautiful architecture and nature.


I celebrated earth day by not driving anywhere!  Seriously!


How did you spend Earth Day 2017?

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