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Designing with Cost Saving Building Systems

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Are you aware of all the available cost-saving alternative building systems?

Witnessing the pain points of our clients around rising construction costs and the shortage of skilled labor, we are continually looking for new materials and innovative solutions to help our clients reduce their costs so they can bring more housing to the market. One of the approaches we see gaining traction is the use of building systems.

With building systems, modular components of a building are fabricated offsite, then transported and assembled onsite.  This technique of construction is growing in popularity because it requires less skilled labor onsite than traditional construction methods.  Just-in-time delivery of the components reduces the need for staging onsite and can shorten the time it takes to construct a building and bring it to market sooner. This ultimately reduces the cost of financing and some of the risk associated with development.

Alexan Uptown Prescient System

Alexan Uptown in Denver, Colorado built using Prescient, a light-gauge structural steel framing system.


There are a variety of building system solutions currently available, and all require unique design approaches and coordination techniques.  The key to a successful project utilizing one of these systems is assembling a strong team that understands this type of construction, and is familiar with the nuances of the system.  Many of these systems have specific design parameters, so it is critical to make a decision regarding which system will be used at the start of the design process.

We are currently working on eight projects utilizing four different building systems including: Prescient, Infinity Structures, FRAMECAD and Black Swan Systems. We are also familiar with other systems such as CLT (cross-laminated timber), Kingspan Insulated Panels, USG Structural Concrete Panels, as well as various modular options.  Due to our knowledge and working experience with these systems, we can help you navigate the benefits of each system and help you make an informed decision on which building system, if any, will work best based on the requirements of your project.  If you are considering a new construction method, please call Bobby Long at 303.832.4474 and we can answer your questions.

Alexan Uptown

Another view of Alexan Uptown.

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