BisNow Denver: The Future of Downtown Denver
April 11, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Bobby Long and Jake Kozlowski Attending

Denver placemakers are the ones who create, entertain and advance an original culture for our urban core. At this event, Denver’s most notable placemakers will delve into their stories, from their biggest challenges to their most incredible successes, and how they plan on making their next visions for downtown to come alive. For more information on this event click here.

ULI: Raising the Bar for Colorado Design and Development
April 25, 2018
Denver, Colorado

John Binder, Jamie Goldman, Adam Kantor, Bobby Long, and Jesse Garland Attending

The big topic this event will focus on is how to improve design while making the bottom line work during a time of rising construction costs, shifting public policy, and increased public opposition. The speakers include Eric Cress, Principal with Urban Development Partners in Portland and Amanda Loper, Principal with David Baker Architects in San Francisco. Click here for information on this event.