Andrea Bosshardt

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From the time Andrea Bosshardt was 8 years old and drawing floor plans and building designs out of Legos and Jenga blocks, Andrea has dreamed of being an Architect.  After pursuing her education, Andrea was finally able to work on real buildings.

She has since acquired 12 years of varied experience in many specialties.  She has worked on multi-family, hospitality, and senior care all over the country.  This breadth of experience has allowed her to become a well-rounded architect.  She has a passion for doing great work in all shapes and sizes. She always puts her heart and soul (and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears) into her work.  Most of all, she loves seeing all the efforts come to life when the buildings are completed.

Outside of her passion for architecture, Andrea enjoys hanging out with her husband and two pups. They enjoy Colorado while snowboarding, camping, gardening, eating yummy food, and attending concerts and music festivals. When not in Colorado, Andrea enjoys traveling the world. She has dreams of owning vacation homes in her favorite places across the globe.