Jessica Soberanes

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After moving to Denver from Chicago, Jessica Soberanes is enjoying the mild winters (snow melts here!).  She also loves working at a great office like KEPHART. Taking advantage of the learning based environment at KEPHART, Jessica is hoping to complete her ARE Exams in the next year. She is currently spending most of her time studying. Once she has more time, she hopes to continue her hobbies of painting, crafting, and traveling.

Both of Jessica’s parents are from Mexico. Jessica’s love for travel came from being raised in an intercultural family. This has led her to study abroad in Rome and explore places like China and Egypt. In her most recent trip to Italy and Ireland she tried her first real Guinness (let’s be real, the American ones do not compare). Jessica also hiked the Cinque Terre Trails with her sister. As a result, she is grateful to be working at a place with a “work hard, play hard” attitude.