Professional Headshot Wade Hanson

Wade Hanson

Wade Hanson grew up on a small farm in southwestern Minnesota. He fell into the architecture and design field by chance and then discovered it was both a passion and a career option. He moved to Colorado in 2008, graduated from CU-Boulder and worked for a few firms in Denver before leaving for grad school (and rain) in Oregon. Wade graduated from the University of Oregon with M.Arch and MLA degrees then high-tailed it back to Colorado, finding a home at Kephart. He’s passionate about sustainable design, public spaces, infill development, and walkable neighborhoods.

Outside of the office, Wade takes advantage of everything Colorado has to offer: hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing, and camping. If it’s outside and involves going up or down a mountain, he’s happy. He’s both an avid ice-hockey and soccer player + fan. Wade loves living downtown and biking to work rain or shine.

Wade Hanson skiing in snow
Wade Hanson hiking with husky dog in Oregon