Walnut Flats




Denver, Colorado


Medici Consulting Group

The Metro Denver region currently suffers from a deficit of more than 100,000 affordable homes.  Walnut Street Lofts is a critical development that provides an exciting new housing opportunity for residents making 30-60% of AMI.  Located in RiNo, one block away from transit, Walnut Streets Lofts is in the heart of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the country where rent and land costs have risen dramatically.  Through a variety of funding resources and the creation of a community land trust with the Urban Land Conservancy, Walnut Street Lofts was able to come to fruition.  The land, acquired through a 99-year renewable land lease, will ensure that this community stays permanently affordable.

“Walnut Streets Lofts will be a triple win for our community and hard-working families, offering affordable apartments, permanent affordability and the connections to services, jobs, education and more through direct, convenient transit access,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

The clean lines of the building with an artistic stair fit the eclectic vibe of Denver’s hippest ‘hood.  With community space for nonprofit organizations and artists, a computer lab and rooftop deck, Walnut Street Lofts will give back to the community in multiple ways.

Albus Brooks, Councilman for the City of Denver’s District 9 said, “Walnut Street Lofts is a model for future development, and should stir the hearts of urbanists everywhere: permanent affordable housing adjacent to transit and beautifully designed.”