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5 Findings from LeadingAge Senior Living National Convention

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In the world of residential design, Senior Living is a hot-button issue. How do we provide quality, affordable housing for the rising number of Seniors? How do we help avert a crises in staffing for Senior Living communities? How do we, as architects, design spaces that can contribute to a high standard of living for Seniors?

Discover 5 key findings that KEPHART’s Director of Senior Living, Len Segel, took away from LeadingAge’s recent Senior Living National Convention:

  1. Combatting Ageism. American society has long segregated the elderly. As people begin to live longer, we need to break down the stigmas surrounding elder people, avoid poking fun of others in ways related to age, and help elders embrace the positives that come with age.
  2. The Avalanche of the Baby Boomers. Every day until 2035, more than 10,000 Boomers will turn 65 years old. To accommodate this generation, who is often financially caught between supporting their children and their aging parents, Senior Living communities will have to find ways to lower costs and other barriers to entry.
  3. There are not enough workers in Senior Living communities. With fewer people entering the nursing and gerontology fields, staffing Senior Living communities is becoming exceedingly difficult – a problem that is compounded by the increasing number of senior citizens.
  4. The Skilled Nursing market is in a tailspin. Increased government regulations and labor shortages are driving up the costs of Skilled Nursing and has resulted in Assisted Living assuming much of this role.
  5. Technology advancements will continue to improve services for Seniors. In a world that is increasingly networked, Seniors now have easier access than ever to medical care, entertainment, and education to help keep them healthy, active and connected.

At KEPHART, we are continually innovating and considering how we can design differently to provide high quality and attainable housing for everyone, including seniors. To learn more about what we have in the works, give us a call or visit us here. We would love to hear from you!

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