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By: Charlie Tanner

My name is Charlie Tanner and I had a twelve-week internship at KEPHART, an architecture firm located in Denver. I just graduated with my Masters of Architecture Degree from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Architecture and Planning having completed my final six credits during the time spent at KEPHART.

Throughout my summer internship at KEPHART I was given the opportunity to work with a group of talented professionals in an exciting urban setting. Initially, I was introduced to the overall dynamics operant in the day to day experiences in a busy architectural firm. I was given the opportunity to shadow various staff members and observe team meetings.

During my first month of internship, one of my assignments was to create office graphic designs for the Design Team and marketing materials for the office. Everyone was very helpful during the transition into a new-found work setting. During the second month, my work focused upon Revit templates and collaboration on live projects. It was really exciting to join in team meetings and project discussions. During my final weeks, I have been working on revisions for the Summit Green Apartment Project. Some of my work included making material changes to the Revit model and small adjustments to fine tune the building elevations.

My experiences during the internship helped me to gain insight into the “real-world” dynamics of an architectural firm. My internship at KEPHART helped me to develop and build architectural skills in design collaborations, Revit, and Bluebeam. Also, I was able to establish professional and personal relationships with peers in the field. The architects at KEPHART are passionate about their designs, work, projects and accomplishments. It has been an honor to be a part of their team.

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(no specific order)

  1. Work with talented and passionate architects.
  2. Gain professional and “real world” work experiences.
  3. Expand knowledge and architectural skills in multiple architectural programs.
  4. Learn to integrate with team members by building confidence and communication skills.
  5. Participation on KEPHART’s kickball team is encouraged and a free team t-shirt is always an incentive.
  6. Free food provided during lunch n’ learn meetings.
  7. The corporate culture at KEPHART values collaboration of all its team members.
  8. Enhance the resume.
  9. Work with innovators.
  10. Meet up with team members at local breweries after work.
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