A KEPHART Internship: An Inside Look Into the World of Architecture

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The DSST Cole High School Junior Year Internship Program works to prepare and promote occupational identity for DSST Students.  How can the choices they make now better prepare them for college and for their future career path?  Students are afforded Internships to experience a professional environment as well as build confidence outside of the classroom setting.  Each Semester, Cole’s Internship Coordinator connects with local businesses that correspond to career interests and occupations expressed by their Students.

In the fall trimester, KEPHART had the opportunity to welcome Nieves Herrada as our intern. He was able to pursue his interest in construction and drawing via shadowing, observation and hands-on assignments, giving him a better understanding of our multi-faceted industry.

In his own words, Nieves describes his experience as a KEPHART intern:

As an architect intern at KEPHART for the past assigned 10 weeks, I was able to learn what the field of an architect is like. Interning at KEPHART has also benefited me with quite a few sets of skills such as being able to design and measure unit plans. Then, later on, I was able to design my own housing units based on rules, measurements and understanding. The whole process of interning at KEPHART as an architect has really helped me and allowed me to find out what my real interest is as a career for the long run. 

We are proud to help encourage young minds to pursue the architecture field. To learn more about KEPHART and how we’re involved in the community, click here.

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