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At KEPHART we strive to foster a culture rooted in efficiency, innovation and collaboration.  To do this, we prioritize employee satisfaction and a work-life balance.  In recent years, remote work has gained rapid recognition.  Venues once considered unorthodox, are now deemed appropriate places to work.    To attract, motivate and retain valued employees, we support this rising trend. Location and in-house experience remain important but we allow for flexibility.  Meet our employees who work remotely!

Cici Strabbing

Cici Strabbing works remotely from Austin, Texas.  In 2008, Cici joined the KEPHART team as a summer intern.  After earning her Masters from Woodbury University, she returned as a full-time employee before moving to Austin, Texas.  Several years later she returned to KEPHART and now works remotely between Austin, TX and Denver, CO.   Austin, TX and Denver, CO are ranked first and second in 2019’s Best Places to Live.  Both cities are recognized for their food, music and exquisite outdoors; alongside her husband, she embraces all that each city has to offer.

Ryan Bender

Ryan Bender works remotely from La Junta, CO.   Ryan’s longstanding interest in the residential industry and immediate attraction to KEPHART’s culture earned him a spot on the team.  La Junta is a tiny town located on the Arkansas River in southeastern Colorado and home to both Ryan and his wife.  Working remotely from home allows for ample family time, an opportunity Ryan warmly welcomes.  When not working or spending time with family, he enjoys golfing and exploring the U.S in his new camper!

Jeremy Chrislip

Jeremy Chrislip works remotely from Boulder, Colorado.  Jeremy initially connected with KEPHART through our internship program.  After graduating, he applied and earned a permanent position.  Born with an adventurous spirit, Jeremy loves to rock climb and travel.  Working remotely provides him with a heightened sense of freedom and extra time to pursue his individual interests; the personal time he reclaims when not commuting is invaluable.

Kyle Fountain

Kyle Fountain works remotely from Champaign, Illinois.   After his move from Chicago to Denver, and after several interviews with various architecture firms, KEPHART stood out as a genuine, transparent and optimistic company.  Working remotely eliminates his daily commute and gives him access to a full kitchen for lunch.  From a young age, Kyle developed an interest in high-rise buildings.  He enjoys living in Chicago and appreciates the numerous architectural marvels.   If seen in the city, he can easily be mistaken for a tourist, walking around and looking up!


Remote work is on the rise.  The rapid advancement in technological innovations allow professional and personal lives to coexist peacefully.   Work no longer needs to be completed in the office to be executed successfully.  To stay connected, Cici, Ryan, Jeremy and Kyle frequently contact their teams via phone, video chat and Teams (an app designed to enhance communication and collaboration in the workplace).  Each enjoy working in the comfort of their home as the lack of interruption allows for increased productivity.   KEPHART stands proudly behind Cici, Ryan, Jeremy and Kyle in their endeavors and strives to make remote work as seamless as possible.  There is no distance to wide or obstacle too tall that will stand in-between KEPHART and those we appreciate.

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