Meet Our New Coworkers

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As the world adapts to the impact of COVID-19, KEPHART is adapting to life working remotely and to our new coworkers. They’re a little different than our normal coworkers… a little more needy and a LOT more lazy. We thought we’d introduce them to you!

Some of them are keeping a VERY close eye on things…


And making sure everyone is working hard.

While others aren’t taking their work too seriously.

Some of them are always eager to help…

But others? Not so much…

Seriously, who hired them?! 

We’re gonna need to call in HR for backup…

One thing we know for sure? We DEFINITELY miss our human coworkers and can’t wait to see them (and you!) as soon as we can!

We hope your new coworkers are as entertaining as ours are and that you’re all staying safe and healthy in your homes. We are grateful for your understanding as we adjust the way we work to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. Please know we are here for you and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns!

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