Land Planning and Visioning

Designing an environment to promote community interaction is a primary goal of land planning at KEPHART. We have found success achieving this goal by listening to the needs of our clients, and offering comprehensive land planning services in addition to architecture.

Our land planning team is known for working collaboratively with all project stakeholders to create imaginative and functional community designs. Our range of planning services includes:

  • Opportunities and constraints analysis
  • Conceptual land use planning
  • Site specific design
  • Entitlement processing and rezoning
  • Yield/feasibility studies
  • Master planning/visioning
  • Preliminary grading design
  • Overall project coordination

We have extensive experience and knowledge of a wide range of residential product types from single family homes to high density multifamily, and mixed use. We have successfully planned communities within suburban, urban infill and TOD locations. We are often contacted by land brokers, developers, and builders to prepare feasibility studies that help our clients’ assess and understand the viability and value of a site.

The land planning team at KEPHART establishes strong relationships with municipalities. These carefully nurtured relationships help us with successful problem solving and navigation through the approval process, whether it is for a lengthy entitlement or a simple site-specific endeavor.

Our architecture and land planning services are excellent separately, but make a great match when paired together. Working with one team that excels in both these fields streamlines the architecture and land planning process, allowing the team to make quicker decisions and move the project into construction faster. Ultimately, the collaboration results in a more thoughtful and livable community design.