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Contract Administration

Our approach to Contract Administration is unique and helps ensure that we deliver a thoughtful experience with rewarding results to our clients. When you work with KEPHART, you get a team of experts, including a Project Manager who oversees the project during the design phase and a CA Project Manager who becomes the main point of contact during the construction phase. Assigning two project managers allows each to focus on their area of expertise, ensuring that every phase of the project has the most experienced team members working on it. This means you get the highest quality design and a streamlined experience during construction. Our CA team is exposed to a wide range of projects, and a LOT of them! Our team typically oversees the construction of over 20 unique projects located across the country per year. KEPHART delivers a first-in-class experience and we have the depth and expertise to help your project succeed.

Quality Control

Our commitment to providing you with a thoughtful experience and rewarding results runs from the beginning of the design phase through the completion of construction. To ensure that we uphold that commitment, your project will undergo our in-depth Quality Control review process. This process is designed to help deliver the highest quality Construction Documents, benefitting both the construction team and your overall project cost. Our process includes the following reviews:

  • Design and Brand Consistency
  • Accessibility
  • Lessons Learned from similar past projects
  • Code Review and Exiting (Life Safety)
  • Stairs and Elevators
  • Final Coordination and Completeness

Just as your project starts in the best hands, it is continually reviewed by them as well. Our review team consists of the most experienced members of the KEPHART team – including Associates and Principals. Their years of experience and combined knowledge helps elevate your project, providing you with a comprehensive and constructible set of drawings that ensures the final product is a clear expression of your vision.

During our 50 years in business, our dedicated and creative team of experts has designed and planned over 500,000 homes across the country.