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A New Student Housing Construction Delivery Model

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The biggest pain points when developing student housing are the unknowns of escalating construction costs and the danger of postponed move-ins caused by construction delays.

We have been working with the team at Prescient, an innovative structural steel framing and delivery system, to create a new development model that effectively reduces both.


  • The buildings and units are designed using 3D modeling and BIM.
  • All facets of the building (structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing) are included in the model, so clash detection and constructability issues are spotted and resolved prior to construction.
  • Full construction material take-offs can be completed directly from the model, so exact building material quantities are known.
  • Once the units are designed and modeled, they can easily be programmed into a new building design – the units essentially become plug and play.
  • Major building components are constructed off-site, using a proprietary structural steel framing system and assemble quickly when they arrive at the job site.

Prescient Building Systems


  • Building components are produced and assembled as needed in a controlled factory setting reducing the amount of skilled labor required on-site while providing shorter construction schedules.
  • Assembled building components are delivered to the job site as they are needed, reducing the amount of construction material staging space and coordination.
  • A fully integrated BIM model allows for early material buy out so savings are gained across the entire supply chain.

ECU Student Housing

Click here to learn more about a prototype building we designed for the Eastern Carolina University campus utilizing this concept. Give us a call at 303.832.4474 to explore how this innovative development model can work for you.


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