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We're celebrating our amazing employees during our 50th anniversary year, highlighting team members who have helped make KEPHART who we are today.

This month we're introducing you to Senior Associate and Director of Studio, Jon Webb.

How did you get your start at KEPHART?

I started at KEPHART in 2011 when an old colleague from my first architectural firm asked if I was interested in working at KEPHART on a contract basis because they had a project designed in CAD that they needed help with. KEPHART had used the 2009 downturn to plan for the future and taught everyone Revit. So, no one was using CAD, which is how I found my way in and worked with our now President, Bryce Hall, to complete a project in Boulder. I realized I was working in a special place when I had to ask for permission to work late to get the project done. I taught myself Revit, and then an opportunity came to transition to working on townhomes, which was a great way for me to learn how to manage projects and engage in client relationships. This pushed me to become a better architect and shaped my future at KEPHART.

How did your role evolve to become a Director of Studio?

My studio primarily focuses on high-density, urban infill projects. A significant transition happened around COVID, where there was a big focus on ensuring that the clients we wanted to cultivate had a specific individual to go to. I was starting on a project with one of our long-standing developers, and it was a natural fit to focus my studio on high-density projects, and over time my team naturally evolved to working on more urban infill projects. I have found a lot of joy in working with our clients and project teams to find great solutions to complex problems, from finding how best to meet proforma requirements to communicating design intent in community meetings or finding novel solutions to difficult code criteria. I really like the problem-solving involved in figuring out how to create a successful community.

What is your proudest moment at KEPHART?

One of the earlier townhome projects I managed received a MAME Award for Best on the Boards Project. This was the first project that I was responsible for from concept to completion. It was an immensely proud moment for me to receive that recognition, and it was incredibly rewarding to see how proud KEPHART, and our client were of that project. That moment still acts as a reminder of why I put so much effort into our work; we are creating meaningful impact in other people’s lives; our clients, colleagues, and those living in the communities we help build.

What is your favorite KEPHART project?

I think some of our best projects are those that come with a little bit of friction or difficulty. Vine Street Townhomes was a project we designed for Koelbel Communities several years ago that’s located just north of Cheesman Park. This was a challenging project because it required us to go through a design district review process, which was at odds with the client’s original vision. While getting through the process was difficult, it created a much more holistic project that met both the needs of our client and the neighborhood. When you drive by it now, it looks like it’s an intrinsic and purposeful part of the neighborhood, and that’s what I consider a successful project – a community that is of its own time but blends and fits seamlessly within the context of the surrounding area.

What is your favorite part about KEPHART?

The people at KEPHART and their drive to build a better future. Being in the Director of Studio role, I have a unique opportunity to connect and mentor a cross-section of the office, from the newest Designers to seasoned Project Managers, and I get to coach and help others learn through my experiences, failures, and successes. Through these connections it’s evident to me that every individual here at KEPHART strives to provide the absolute best to our clients and the projects we design, while also building an incredible community to work at every day.


This is the philosophy that drives KEPHART to create thoughtful homes and communities that positively change people’s lives.

KEPHART is a nationally recognized, award-winning architectural design and planning firm with 50 years of housing expertise. Our passion for designing well-designed places to live, work, and play has driven us to create more than 500,000 homes across the country, ranging from single and multifamily homes to workforce housing, senior living, LIHTC communities, and everything in between. We have a deep bench of talented staff to design and deliver innovative and practical solutions to meet the unique requirements of every project.

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