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The Strategic

Housing Alliance

The Strategic Housing Alliance - a collaboration between KEPHART, CRHDC, and The Espinosa Group - was created to provide thoughtful consulting, design solutions, and development advice to qualified developers to help bring more affordable housing to communities across our state.

An alliance built on thoughtful consulting, design solutions, and development advice.

We have established a limited fund that is available to qualified non-profits, housing authorities, municipalities, and private developers to connect them with access to solutions, ideas, and resources that assist in the pre-development process.

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Helping to bring more affordable housing to local communities.

Together, we embrace the opportunity to leverage our skillsets to create a more inclusive Colorado. Customized, pro-bono pre-development services may include:

  • Community need analysis
  • Concept design and visioning alignment based on community need
  • Feasibility studies based on concept design and visioning
  • Financial sources alignment review
  • Next step development options
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Alliance Partnerships


Since 1974, KEPHART has been designing well-designed places to live, work, and play in our community. As part of that mission, we’ve designed many affordable housing communities and are looking to further our impact. To do so, we are utilizing our land planning and architecture expertise to help recipients understand the value behind a piece of land, what they can expect to yield from it, and how to design a community where residents will thrive.


Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation is a non-profit organization committed to creating low-to-moderate income housing with a focus on rural markets. CRHDC will be utilizing their relationships within the affordable housing community to help connect candidates to the solutions they need.

The Espinosa Group

With more than 25 years of experience, Joseph Espinosa’s unique background as an affordable housing practitioner, designer, developer, owner, and operator offers a practical and progressive perspective to each project on which he works. Joseph will play a key role in determining which candidates would benefit most from the collective support that this partnership offers.

Let's Build Good Together

If you represent a non-profit, housing authority, or municipality that needs pre-development support, please complete the form below. You may also contact Joseph Espinosa for more details about the program by calling 303-381-7144.

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During our 50 years in business, our dedicated and creative team of experts has designed and planned over 500,000 homes across the country.