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Amidst the build-to-rent boom, one of the questions we are most commonly asked is how to thoughtfully design a build-to-rent community without sacrificing density. The simplest solution? Integrate multiple product types into your site.

A site that includes exclusively build-to-rent product is likely to range between 8 and 14 units to the acre. This can more than double with the addition of a higher density multifamily product like multiplex buildings or garden apartments. In the site plan on the left, the gray buildings indicate two-story build-to-rent paired homes, while the brown indicate 3-story walk-up apartment buildings. The plan on the right has evolved, eliminating the paired homes and replacing them with 4 and 6-plex build-to-rent townhomes and increasing the density from 16 DU/Acre to 18.5 DU/Acre. Beyond a density advantage, offering both apartments and townhomes widens the resident pool that you can attract and creates a natural move-up opportunity for residents who may start out in an apartment and eventually require more space.

Though when integrating various product types into one site we typically design them as independent neighborhoods with their own amenity spaces, we like the architectural language to be complimentary. We utilize similar color palettes or materials, as well as consistent roof forms to allow for cohesion and unity. In the example below, the board and batten siding, wood fencing, and peaked roof forms are used on both building types. Likewise, the amenity areas relate architecturally and in terms of their offerings.


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