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We designed this build-to-rent Colorado prototype with the goal of creating a highly efficient and modern concept of home that could be easily repeated across the state. To achieve this, we had first to define the language of a home in Colorado. We used the timeless and simple form of a 19th-century miner’s home to inspire our design, replicating the universal language to create a prototype that can be built anywhere in Colorado without needing to modify the elevational character.

Build to Rent Colorado Prototype Sketch

We designed four plans that range in size and function, from a single-story 2-bedroom to a 3-story 3-bedroom layout to suit a wide range of demographics and lifestyles. The plans were strategically designed so the trusses align, allowing the homes to be attached and built-in infinite combinations to meet each location’s market demand.

We used only two window types and two exterior materials to maximize efficiency further and streamline constructability. The simplicity of the form allows the product to adapt to multiple locations, from urban infill to suburban greenfields, making this a great solution to speed the development and construction timeline for our client to bring much-needed housing to the market.

Beyond Colorado, KEPHART is working on innovative build-to-rent communities in Arizona, Texas, and South Carolina. We’d love to chat with you about your next project! Give us a call at 303-832-4474.


This is the philosophy that drives KEPHART to create thoughtful homes and communities that positively change people’s lives.

KEPHART is a nationally recognized, award-winning architectural design and planning firm with 50 years of housing expertise. Our passion for designing well-designed places to live, work, and play has driven us to create more than 500,000 homes across the country, ranging from single and multifamily homes to workforce housing, senior living, LIHTC communities, and everything in between. We have a deep bench of talented staff to design and deliver innovative and practical solutions to meet the unique requirements of every project.