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With people spending more time at home and longing for extra living space, the popularity of single family for rent homes is on the rise. Single family for rent communities typically average around 250-300 homes. When designing single family rental communities, it’s important to include desirable features found in single family homes and neighborhoods like walkable streets, private yards, and accessible parking.

When developing single family for rent communities, here are a few considerations to keep top of mind.

  • Create and maintain a sense of privacy. Avoid placing windows in locations where residents have direct sightlines into neighboring homes. The bedroom windows of one home should not align with the bedroom windows of another – they should face a windowless or high-windowed wall that will allow both homes to maintain privacy.
  • Parking should be easily accessible. In a single-family home, the distance between your car and your front door is much shorter than when living in an apartment. The same idea should be upheld in single family for rent. This can be done through attached covered parking, or even the use of parking pads, like the ones we incorporated at Birdsong at Alamo Ranch in San Antonio.

  • The relationship between indoor and outdoor space and how it is developed is critical.
    • Create walkable streets with appropriately sized walkways and locate front doors along those streets or on landscaped courtyards.
    • Include small, private yards attached to each home with enough space for dogs or small children to play.
    • Locate a variety of recreation areas throughout the community like common courtyards and seating areas – spaces that are both active and passive. If room allows, include a clubhouse and amenity area with a pool and fitness center, as these are amenities that are always desirable.
  • Be unique! At Birdsong at Alamo Ranch, a dedicated area for food trucks was programmed next to the clubhouse and leasing center. This is a fun and cost-effective amenity that has been a huge hit with residents.

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