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When designing the new multifamily community Outlook DTC in Denver, Colorado, KEPHART worked closely with Evergreen Development and US Ecologic to fulfill Evergreen’s vision for creating a highly sustainable community. As Evergreen’s first LEED Certified project, Outlook DTC was originally designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification and ultimately achieved LEED Gold Certification, the second highest designation on the LEED scale. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most highly used green building rating system in the world. LEED provides a framework to create a healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.

Outlook DTC reached LEED Gold Certification by achieving energy-efficient items in multiple categories:

1. Sustainable Site

Outlook DTC was built on a previously developed infill site.

Outlook DTC
2. Innovation and Design

Green measures were considered throughout the whole design process of Outlook DTC with the integrated project team encouraging sustainable design.

3. Locations and Linkage

Outlook DTC is located near many community resources such as grocery stores, coffee shops, post offices and other businesses. This gives residents access to businesses and public transportation that minimizes dependency on personal vehicles. Outlook DTC’s walkability score is 74.

Outlook DTC
4. Awareness and Education

Training with handouts and flyers is provided to tenants and building staff on green practices and sustainable building features.

5. Water Efficiency

Landscape irrigation at Outlook DTC helps reduce water consumption by over 50%. The drip irrigation system has rain sensors, timers and zoning to ensure proper maintenance and reduces excessive watering.

Outlook DTC
6. Indoor Environmental Quality

Low VOC emitting materials were installed throughout the community to reduce the number of contaminants in the indoor air.

7. Energy and Atmosphere

Energy consumption at Outlook DTC is being reduced by using insulation with a high”R” value, energy efficient windows, Energy Star appliances, and energy efficient HVAC units. The space heating power plan in each of the units is the water heater. First, it is a completely closed system using clean-burning natural gas and does not expose tenants to combustion at any time. it ingeniously uses the water heater that would otherwise be maintaining its hot-water temperature all day (Wasting energy) to provide heat for the unit. This reduces typical ‘stand-by’ heat loss. Evergreen took this a step further, seeking out higher efficiency water heating equipment than they needed to in order to enhance the overall savings from the system.

Outlook DTC
8. Materials and Resources

During the building process, Evergreen worked to minimize waste and recycled excess building products.

9. Regional Priority

Evergreen carefully selected and installed water efficient fixtures that would reduce water use.

Outlook DTC

“Designing and building a sustainable multifamily community takes commitment and teamwork. As green building professionals, we experience different approaches from the owners of communities during this process. Evergreen Development took the “all-in” approach, always choosing to go beyond minimum requirements.” — Jeff Slaugh, US Ecologic

Why Strive for LEED Certification in Your Next Project?
  • 40% of all primary energy consumption in the US is from buildings. Striving for LEED Certification demonstrates environmental responsibility building practices and will provide a competitive differentiator for your company.
  • According to the UGBC, LEED Buildings have faster lease-up rates.
  • Many LEED Certified communities qualify for tax rebates and zoning allowances.
  • There is an increased building value and rental rates.
  • Largely reduces stress on the environment.

For more information on how to achieve LEED Certification for your next project, please contact us at or 303-832-4474.


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